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Cloisonné and
Champlevé  Jewellery

Cloisonné and Champlevé are ancient techniques rarely seen today but making a strong comeback. Thousands of years old, these crafts are thought to have originated in the Middle East, eventually making their way to the Far East, Europe and finally worldwide.

Vitreous enamel pendant showing a purple seed pod. The precious metal is fine silver and there is also 24k gold foil underneath the transparent enamel which really enhances the colours.One of a kind, vitreous enamel pendant depicting a seed pod. It is purple, grey and gold. I used fine silver and 24k gold as the metals and transparent enamels so that the underlying metal colours and textures can be seen. It hangs from a sterling silver Omega chain.
A blue scarab beetle pendant with red spots in vitreous enamel and fine silver.

The Art of Radiance

Beetle Pendant

24kt Gold, Fine Silver, Vitreous Enamel

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Enamel Art

Bold, brilliant and lustrous colours brought together through kiln-firing. In these wall hangings, both large and small, I use copper, vitreous enamels, 24kt gold leaf and glass mosaic.

The Art of Fire


24kt Gold Leaf, Vitreous Enamel and Copper

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An enamel and copper Cockerell shown running. It also has 24k gold leaf

Saba Jewellery

Solace and a smile for the animistic soul. This is my original collection that I started designing in 1998. Inspired by my love of animals and all the beauty and comfort they offer in this tough world.

The Art of Charm

Cat and Goldfish

9kt Gold, Sterling Silver

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From portraits to jewellery, from private and personal to business and events, I love taking on commissions.

The Art of Exclusivity

World Rugby Bespoke Gifts

Sterling Silver

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World Rugby commissioned cufflinks that the Chairman of the Board gives to special clients at particular match such as the Rugby World Cup. I have been supplying these bespoke cufflinks as well as bracelets, earrings and pendants for the women, since 2009. They are all handmade from sterling silver.

Our Customers

"Absolutely fabulous necklace - the perfect size and chunky enough. It was bought as a present and the recipient was totally delighted with it."

Sue, USA
Treble Clef Pendant

"Torak arrived this afternoon and Rosie was absolutely thrilled with it. There were lots of tears, but the good kind."

Nicola, Ireland
Enamel and copper portrait commission of beloved pet Husky

"The Kitten Pendant necklace arrived today, which is fantastic as I can now present it to my colleague on Monday, her last day. It is lovely and so unusual; I know she will love it."

Gill, United Kingdom
Kitten Pendant

"I received the beautiful owl today. It will fly all the way to Stockholm where my niece will get it for her 50th birthday. Your art shows a genuine love for animals and opens my heart with happiness when viewing them!"

Karin, Ireland
Owl in Moonlight Necklace

"Perfect, beautiful, unique necklace. I think this is a lovely necklace and unique in every way. Well made with unusual chain and size."

Emma, United Kingdom
Kingfisher Pendant

"I just received Dog with Bone Geraldine.
He's super, just like our Milo!"

Dee, Ireland
Dog with Bone Necklace

"I have your “fox in the moonlight” on my living room here in Newmarket. It reminds me of home and brings me great joy and solace. Your work is exquisite."

Marie, United Kingdom
Fox in Moonlight Enamel Wall Hanging

"Lovely cuff links, great Jack Russell character."

Linda, USA
Jack Russell Cufflinks