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This is me, Geraldine Murphy, sitting with my dogs, Winnie (a rescue Whippet) and Murf (a rescue Sheepdog).

I started designing and making jewellery in 1998, setting up my business in 2003. At that time my focus was on creating a collection that was all about our love of animals and the bonds we have with them. In a nutshell, animals are my religion.

What I loved was an animal's connection to the earth, their wild nature, their power and freedom. It was the way our pet dog or cat looks at us, goes mad at the sight of us arriving home, their unbridled and unconditional love. But it was also about the other things we share with our winged and tail-wagging friends.

In spite of the obvious differences between humans and animals (whether domesticated or wild), there are vitally important things we have in common: a sense of joy, fun, loyalty, community and love. People no longer want animals in circuses, we are horrified by production farming and hunting, we are much more aware of how delicate the natural world can be. Mostly, we recognise that love is not the preserve of humans and we wholeheartedly embrace this unity with other creatures.

My pieces, both art and jewellery, tell our interwoven stories. All those years ago I believed, as I still do, that this is something worth celebrating. I do this by representing an animal's idiosyncrasies, spirit and physical beauty as they move through their lives.

In recent years I have been expanding my design and technical skills by embracing the ancient techniques of Cloisonné and Champlevé enamelling. Focussing not solely on animals this time, but on the beauty of smaller, less obvious subjects like seedpods and flora, as well as the decorative artwork and colours of different cultures, both modern and primitive. Almost all of this collection comprises one of a kind pieces — not just limited edition, but one-off.

I have a workshop in Dublin, and all my jewellery is handmade using silver, gold and vitreous enamel, and I also make art using copper, enamel, steel wire and glass mosaic. I teach enamelling classes and I have a YouTube channel (Geraldine Murphy Enamel) featuring tutorials and "how-to" videos.

I hope you enjoy looking through this website and/or owning a piece of jewellery as much as I enjoyed designing and making it. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Animals Asia

AnimalsAsia is a fantastic charity that I support. Their particular mission isrescuing and rehabilitating Moon Bears. With up to 10,000 of these small bearssuffering barbaric treatment in bile battery farms in China and at least 1,000in Vietnam, it is worth spreading the word about this beautiful and somewhatforgotten creature.Iinclude a small leaflet in every gift box and wall hanging that I send out,spreading the word about the contribution Animals Asia makes towards a morecompassionate world. When I launched my Soul Friends collection in 2018 Idonated 10% of the proceeds of my sales for June of that year to Animals Asia andraffled two pieces. For more information check out their website.