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Feather Pendant

€ 325.00 EUR

One of a kind

Using her two heads she shows both the light and dark sides of ourselves, accepts that change happens, both good and bad and that there is rarely a change, no matter how frightening initially, that doesn’t also bring with it something wonderful further down the track. Many of these little idols can be found in Anatolia (modern day Turkey) and some are considered to depict the mother (both happy and loving as well as angry). Fair enough methinks... Circa Late 3rd Millennium BCE.

Fine silver, vitreous enamel.

Pendant size is 4.5 cmx2cm. 45cm Omega necklet is 1.1mm with bayonet clasp, easy to use.

Keep chain with the clasp closed. Keep in gift box when not wearing it. Gift box made from 76% recycled materials, 100% recyclable.

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